URL blocked by robots.txt warning message in Webmaster tools

Posted by ksaltik in Wordpress on 9 March 2013 with No Comments

You have a new web site. You install the wordpress and start to develop your web page but you don’t want to any search engine start to index your web site and during the wordpress installation or just after from Settings > Reading Pane you select the ” Discourage search engines from indexing this site ” setting.
You finished developing your site and you are ready to go online and it is time to let the search engines to index your site. And you disable the ” Discourage search engines from indexing this site” setting.

And you sign up for Google Web Master Tools to manage your site existence in Google more better. The first thing to do is generate sitemap of your site and add it to to Web Master Tools. Your search for a siyemap generator plugin and you find one the most popular wordpress sitemap generator plugin is Google XML sitemaps. You install the plugin and add your sitemap.xml in usual way. And you get a warning message “URL blocked by robots.txt” warning message in Webmaster tools.

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