Tailored to fit your needs

Do you have strict performance or compliance requirements? Join among our happy customers and let us work with you to customize a hosting architecture that delivers the fast performance and uptime your business needs. Furthermore, you can contact us anytime for answers or guidance. As a Oney Hosting customer, you’ll benefit from our years of experience planning, deploying, and managing configurations for all kinds of companies.

Managed Security

Security starts with protecting the integrity of your data and guarding against service interruptions. But being truly secure means far more than safeguarding data and preventing interruptions. There are the resulting financial losses, your brand’s equity and reputation, business continuity and potential litigation or fines to consider. And, when it’s all said and done, paying a little more for expert security means customers will continue to have confidence in your business.

Free Migration

Ready to migrate your hosted environment, but not sure how to start? No need to worry. Our experienced team can help migrate your servers, databases, applications, and email among cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments. Our free migration service is streamlined by our expert migration staff and we will move your old magento and wordpress sites to Managed AWS Cloud. During migration your site will not down even seconds.

Managed Storage

What you need now and what you need months or years from now can be two entirely different things. That’s why we have multiple storage solutions; so you can get the right storage now and have the right alternatives down the road. No matter how you grow and evolve, we’ll make sure that you always have the right solution for your budget, capacity and performance needs. Fully managed—from deployment, to updates, to troubleshooting—by our experienced and experts.

Managed Database

Get a performance-optimized database for your application in minutes. The skills and experience of our DBAs allow us to design the best infrastructure for your needs, whether you’re using dedicated hardware or our high-performance cloud. We can integrate your database. With 24x7x365 monitoring and database specialists available to you anytime, you spend less time managing infrastructure and more time focusing on your application.

Managed Backup

It’s vital to have a process, like managed data backups, in place to preserve your data, maintain its integrity and keep your business operating unimpeded. In the aftermath of any disaster, whether man-made or natural, more than 50% of smaller businesses never recover from data loss. For large businesses, losing data that affects millions of customers and employees can be overcome. The recovery, however, will dramatically impact their revenue numbers and their brand reputations.

Managed Monitoring

Organizations that lack the expertise or staff/financial resources to monitor, investigate, and resolve infrastructure alerts and issues can leverage our expertise in infrastructure management. Employing a multi-cloud strategy simplifies operations and ensures you can manage workloads running in multiple locations or transition from one location to another. Our Managed Monitoring Service is designed to monitor servers across multiple service providers like AWS, Rackspace, and even your on-premise environment.

Customer Review

“Rackhost helped me with a professional custom server solution when my business was so rapidly growing my old system couldn’t handle the load anymore.”

John Doe, CEO Example.com

About Oney Hosting

The solutions and services we offer to our clients are the result of years of experience, research and innovation. We pride ourselves on offering eye-opening and best-in-class technology combinations that will fully satisfied our customers.

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