Elastic Search for WordPress

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Elastic Search Server for WordPress

Our new service Elastic Search for WordPress will increase your wordpress search performance and accuracy by enabling Elastic Search Server.

Elastic Search Server for WordPress service Features

  • Replaces your default wordpress search functionality with Elastic Search Server so you get high peformance and more accurate serach results.
  • Throug elastic search plugin you can specifiy which of the data will be indexed and what are their weght in your search results.
  • Ability to return default wordpress search functionality when elastic search server not response.
  • Automatic update of your wordpress elastic search server index when new pages/posts are added/published/deleted/unpublished.

To get this service please contact us.

Nginx Hosting

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We provide in all of our plans nginx server. The main component of our infrastructure is nginx server. We provide nginx hosting in both of our AWS HOSTING PLANS and in OUR SHARED HOSTING PLANS.

In our hosting plans nginx is the default server but we can also provide you apache if you prefer to use it. But in as we mention in another article nginx is event based server and don’t high value of RAM or CPU using nginx as default server will be the best choice you ever given done.

Our Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise Magento Hosting Plans include nginx multiple domains. You can both host your Magento and WordPress site in these hosting plans.

Why you should select Nginx for your Magento Server solution

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Why you select Nginx for web server solution?

Without getting into too much technical detail I willl try to explain why Nginx better choice for especially for Magento Hosting.

Apache uses high amount of memory and CPU cycles when dealing with high amount of simultaneous HTTP/HTTPS connections. And this results in very high consumption of RAM. Every Apache child process uses around 100 MB of RAM and in a standart Magento installation on a dedicated server with 16 GB of RAM only and nearly can handle just 150 concurrent request only.
The major difference between Apache and Nginx are, Apache is process-based on the contrary Nginx is event-based  So Nginx don’t require any new processes or threads to increase its level of concurrency and this result in very low memory footprint.

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Magento Server Optimization

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Magento server optimization does not mean putting every product on the market on your server environment.

Yeah! We have PHP-FPM in our server installations. Of course we also have APC. Yeah this must be the best magento optimized server hosting solution. It is also include Memcached. Nginx is the default server, Redis Cache is also included, HHVM HipHop Virtual machine also included. Varnish Cache also included. What about SPDY? Why not we can include it  in your server infrastructure. I have one more question Google PageSpeed Module! Yes we also have it. What about FPC Full Page Cache Magento. Already included in our Magento Hosting Plans.

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URL blocked by robots.txt warning message in Webmaster tools

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You have a new web site. You install the wordpress and start to develop your web page but you don’t want to any search engine start to index your web site and during the wordpress installation or just after from Settings > Reading Pane you select the ” Discourage search engines from indexing this site ” setting.
You finished developing your site and you are ready to go online and it is time to let the search engines to index your site. And you disable the ” Discourage search engines from indexing this site” setting.

And you sign up for Google Web Master Tools to manage your site existence in Google more better. The first thing to do is generate sitemap of your site and add it to to Web Master Tools. Your search for a siyemap generator plugin and you find one the most popular wordpress sitemap generator plugin is Google XML sitemaps. You install the plugin and add your sitemap.xml in usual way. And you get a warning message “URL blocked by robots.txt” warning message in Webmaster tools.

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