Magento Server Optimization

Posted by ksaltik in Magento on 6 January 2014 with No Comments

Magento server optimization does not mean putting every product on the market on your server environment.

Yeah! We have PHP-FPM in our server installations. Of course we also have APC. Yeah this must be the best magento optimized server hosting solution. It is also include Memcached. Nginx is the default server, Redis Cache is also included, HHVM HipHop Virtual machine also included. Varnish Cache also included. What about SPDY? Why not we can include it  in your server infrastructure. I have one more question Google PageSpeed Module! Yes we also have it. What about FPC Full Page Cache Magento. Already included in our Magento Hosting Plans.

This is not the perfect Magento Optimization or Hosting solution. Every component must be select carefully for best performance. Sometimes one server component provide performance gains in tests but when you put it along side with other component you loose performance sometimes.

So what is the best Magento Server Optimization?

This question has no answer for future!

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