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For those who value fast access speed, the our shared hosting servers is the best choice. In addition to a high-performance Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v3 Quadcore Haswell processor and 32 GB ECC RAM, this model is equipped with two 240 GB 6Gb/s Data Center Series SSD hard drives.
Our shared hosting servers included nginx server, mysql server, varnish cache, HHVM and PHP. With our shared hosting servers you still get the advantage of 50X Faster Magento and WordPress installations.

Starting at 49.00 $ /Month

Solid knowledge on Nginx, Varnish, Redis and HHVM brings faster Magento and WordPress sites. And this increase site sales and turnover. Our unique design of servers make Magento and wordpress sites fly.

Free Migration

Our free migration service is streamlined by our expert migration staff and we will move your old magento and wordpress sites to Managed AWS Cloud. During migration your site will not down even seconds.

Shared Server

Our shared servers very high in performance. We never compromising performance. Our servers are occupied with Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v3 Quadcore Haswell processor, 32 GB ECC RAM, Data Center Series SSD hard drives.

50x Faster

Our server installations based on nginx, varnish, redis and HHVM. All this components make your magento sites fly. Putting every solution in ingredient of server not a good idea. Every component must work collaboratively with each other.

Result Driven

Your investment on Managed AWS Cloud or our shared hosting servers will increase your sales. It is proven fact that customers don’t have patience even seconds. Your page load time will under 3 seconds! This is the acceptable limit.

Magento Expertise

We have over 8 years of Magento experience from first release of Magento. We served many companies about Magento customization, custom module development, theme building and server installations.

From Our Ceo

“It is fact that the faster your site loads the greater your conversion rates. We focus on making our Magento hosting the fastest hosting you can purchase.”

Kenan SALTIK, CEO oneyhosting.com

About Oney Hosting

The solutions and services we offer to our clients are the result of years of experience, research and innovation. We pride ourselves on offering eye-opening and best-in-class technology combinations that will fully satisfied our customers.

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