Varnish Cache Makes Web Sites Fly!

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. Varnish Cache is really, really fast. It typically speeds up delivery with a factor of 300 – 1000x, depending on your architecture.
Varnish is the fastest, most flexible and cost efficient web accelerator available for your online business. It speeds up your website and boosts user loyalty and customer conversion rate.

Starting at 49.00 $ /Month

What is Varnish Cache? and Why Using It!

  1. Speed: The core C engine is extremely fast and efficient. The Varnish team just blogged about achieving 275,000 HTTP requests per second!
  2. Configurable: Varnish really stands apart from its peers with its rich configuration language (VCL). With VCL, you can specify rules for every part of the pipeline based on any HTTP header. We’ve used VCL to cache distinct pages based on browser type, to implement edge side includes (ESI), to combine caches across multiple URLs, and to ignore specific cookies. To make this fast, Varnish translates VCL into C which it then compiles and executes. Even complex rule sets don’t significantly slow response time.
  3. Supported, Open Source: It’s open source, which we love. Plus, there is a strong dev and support team behind it which makes my job easier when we run into the inevitable snafus. Varnish Software is an Acquia Technology Partner.

Make your Magento store fly – with transparently integrated Varnish Cache! Blazing fast response times and lower server load during peak times making your Magento store 100x faster.

The PageCache module allows you to control your Varnish Cache instance from the Magento backend to trigger purge requests for single stores or content types. It also prevents caching of store pages containing customer information like shopping carts or logins.

No more worries about huge marketing campaigns or maniac crawlers: Varnish Cache will mitigate any peaks so your Magento store can care about the buyers and transactions!

Varnish Extension Features

  • Full Page Caching, with hole-punching via Varnish ESI and/or AJAX, even for logged in visitors
  • Configurable via standard Magento methods (Admin system configuration and layout XML), no manual editing of Varnish config required for most cases
  • Able to generate and apply new Varnish VCLs (configurations) on the fly, without restarting/changing Varnish’s config files or flushing the cache
  • Support for site-crawlers for cache warming, and includes a (basic) built-in site-crawler

  • Blacklist requests from caching by URL or parameters (SID, store, etc)
  • Configure cache TTL by URL and individual block’s TTL
  • Supports multiple Varnish instances for clustered usage
  • Automatic cache clearing on actions (clearing product/catalog/cms page after saving)
  • Supports non-root Magento installs (i.e. putting Magento in /store/ instead of /) and multi-store/multi-site setups
  • SSL support through Pound or Nginx

System Requirements

– Magento CE > 1.5.1 or PE/EE > 1.9
– Installed Varnish instance(s) > 3.0

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