Frequently Asked Questions

Free Demo

Q: How to get a free demo?

Getting free magento hosting demo is really simple and easy. Just click on free demo button on navigation bar and fill a simple form.

Q: Is demo really free?

Yes! our free fast magento hosting demo is completely. There is no hidden expenses. Yo don’t require to provide any credit card information. Get now your free demo and how fast it will your store see by your eyes.

50x Faster Magento Hosting

Q: How long it takes to get a demo?

Demo site preperation usually takes no longer than a day.

We have faith in our service, get free demo now!

Q: Are there any difference in your demo server and the final server we will get?

Demo server will be prepared accordng to your plan selection and you will get exact same server as the demo server.


Q: Payment methods we offer for the managed hosting and shared hosting?

The payment methods we offer: Paypal and money transfer.

Q: AWS bill and payment?

AWS bills will send to you by Amazon.

Q: Pay your one year subscription fee at once and get %25 discount

Yes, you can pay your annual subscription fee at once and get %25 discount.

Q: Will I get my invoices by mail?

Yes you will get your monthly invoices to your mailbox.

AWS Hosting

Q: Do we get any control panel such as cpanel, plesk or some similar panel?

We don’t offer any cpanel or plesk. Because your server is managed. But for additional charge we offer webmin control panel.

Q: Does my server include email server?

Our server installations not included any email server because of performance and security issues. But we offer AWS SES Simple Email Service counseling. If you still insist we install e-mail server for additional charge.

Q: Do we need any additional support panel from Amazon AWS?

You don’t need any other support plan from Amazon AWS because your server is fully managed.

Technical Questions

Q: Do We get PhpMyAdmin panel?

Yes you will get PhpMyAdmin to control your sql database.

Q: Do I get any panel for REDIS Cache?

Yes, we install a redis extension for your magento installation. Using this extension you can easily flush your cache and monitor your REDIS Server.

Q: Do you provide any tool to monitor memcache?

Yes we provide you a control panel for your memcache statistics.

Q: Do you provide SFTP and SSH access?

Yes, we provide you both SFTP and SSH access.

Q: Do we get root access for mysql?

Yes, you get root access to your mysql server with all neccesarry details.

Q: Do we get remote access to our mysql server?

Yes, we provide remote access for extra charge unless otherwise you provide us a static IP. We require static IP because of security issues.

Support Center

Q: Do you offer 24/7 support?

Yes we offer 24/7 support.

Q: Do you offer skype or phone support?

Yes we offer skype and phone support.

Q: Do you offer “roll back” of a backup?

Yes, we offer roll back service for extra charge if it is not included for free in your subscription plan.

Q: Do you offer Magento extension installation support?

Yes we offer custom magento extension installation service for extra charge.

Q: Do you offer Magento theme installation?

Yes, we offer magento theme installation service for extra charge.

Q: Do you offer Magento customization service?

Yes, we offer Magento customization, design and extension development services.

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