Why Magento – WordPress Shared Hosting?

50X Faster Magento

The small business owners who still wants to get the advantage of 50X faster Magento Site with less budget for a dedicated instances on AWS Amazon Web Services can get those advantages without comprimising any performance, speed and security can get our Shared hosting server.


Small business owners with small budget can still get the advantage of our High Speed Magento Server without any security issue. Our shared hosting servers %100 protected. This plans included Managed Firewall and daily server backups.

Cost Effective

We know You asking yourself if all the advantages of AWS Cloud and High Speed Magento Hosting possible with a shared hosting for almost %75 less money. Yes we insure you that you will get as much speed, security as it is available in AWS Cloud.

AWS is Cost-Effective

AWS enables the presence of IT agility — the ability of IT organizations to respond rapidly to resource requirements — and allows it to stop being thought of as the “Department of No.”.

Scalable and high-performance

Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can scale up or down based on demand. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, you have access to compute and storage resources when you need them.

AWS Simplifies IT Operations

because AWS takes responsibility for much of the traditional IT infrastructure — buildings, power, network, and physical servers, for example — a huge amount of work is taken off the IT plate, and the burden for IT operations shrinks immediately.

AWS Provides Business Agility

It’s no secret that a significant part of the AWS user base is made up of business units that adopt AWS as a way around IT and its protracted provisioning processes. This business unit adoption is sometimes called shadow IT or, even more pejoratively, rogue IT. No matter what you call it, this adoption occurs because business units feel the need to roll out new applications quickly in order to respond to market demands — and AWS helps businesses quicken their response time by being more agile.

AWS Offers a Rich Services Ecosystem

The rich AWS ecosystem is one of the least trumpeted but most valuable aspects of AWS. Quickness of response (agility, in other words) is critical today, for business in general and IT in particular. The rich AWS ecosystem fosters agility, and it’s an important reason to use AWS.

AWS is Flexible

AWS has many alternatives in selecting operating systems, programming languages, web application platform, database, mail services, back-up solutions and the other services you need. The virtual environment of AWS lets you load the softwares and services your applications require. This will eases the migration of your existing apps and building new solutions on top of your existing apps or new ones.

From Our Ceo

“It is fact that the faster your site loads the greater your conversion rates. We focus on making our Magento hosting the fastest hosting you can purchase.”

Kenan SALTIK, CEO oneyhosting.com

About Oney Hosting

The solutions and services we offer to our clients are the result of years of experience, research and innovation. We pride ourselves on offering eye-opening and best-in-class technology combinations that will fully satisfied our customers.

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